The Benchmarks

A pragmatic framework for strong execution of volunteering


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The research suggests that strong execution is not a one-off event, nor necessarily the remit of solely the full-time CSR or HR team sitting in head office. Rather, it is about doing a number of things consistently and well: a continuous company-wide process, embedded into one’s culture and internal branding.

As detailed in the Methodology section, based on detailed case studies and a review of the available business & academic literature on corporate volunteerism strategy & practice, I made a judgement on what ‘good’ practice looks like in the form of ten benchmarks.

The benchmarks were refined and re-drafted after further interviews with thought-leaders in the space, and are broken down into three areas representing the continuous cycle of corporate volunteerism. That is:

  • Embed: Determining a mission that can be embedded into the commercial activity of the company & building the infrastructure upfront
  • Educate: Managing stakeholders & mobilizing resources
  • Energize: Measuring results, celebrating achievements & continuous learning

The Benchmarks

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In the following pages, I present each benchmark in turn detailing its subcomponents and how I arrived at them.


I also discuss my correlation analysis across the three company tiers (Established, High-Growth & SMEs):

  • what is each tier generally doing well;
  • how is tech contributing;
  • what gaps do they seem to face; and
  • how might tech & cross-tier learning help.


For each benchmark, I also present various case studies showcasing:


How tech has been an enabler


Education-specific volunteering practice


SME specific best practice

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